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We are a local family owned and operated pecan orchard. We offer large paper shell pecans. We offer custom cracking and pecan mulch.

Pecan orchard quietly strives for greatness
Nice article about Mayer Pecans in the MuskogeeNOW.

Our Pecans are large improved papershells.
We have four varieties; Pawnee, Oconee, Maramec and Mohawk.

A cross of Mohawk and Starking Hardy Giant. The nuts have very early maturity which makes the Pawnee an attractive variety for the shorter growing seasons. The nuts have matured as early as Sept. 15th.

One of the newer releases from the U.S.D.A. Pecan Breeders. The Oconee is a Barton-Schley cross. Variety has good nut size (about 50 per pound), a 55% kernel and has good disease resistance.

Bears large, attractive nuts with bright, crunchy kernels. 45 nuts per pound, on average. Cracks easily. Halves well. Fills out best in southern zones. Ripens in October.

Very large, thin-shelled nut, excellent quality. Earliest maturing, so more widely adapted than others. Attractive tree is vigorous, bears young and heavy. Good choice for home planting.

Our Pecans are Grown, Harvested and Processed at our location.
They are the Improved Variety Type and Grade out as "Fancy Mammoths" which are the Highest Grade Pecans on the Market.
When compared to Natives they are 2 - 3 times the size of a typical Native Pecan.
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