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We offer additional pecan products, you will enjoy!

Pecan Oil - Pecan Butter - Roasted Pecans - Home Grown Honey

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Pecan Oil Price List

250 ML. $11.49
500 ML. $17.95
750 ML. $25.25
1 Liter. $29.49
3.75 Liter. $66.95. BEST VALUE!

ORDER NOW! 918.519.9001

Why Pecan Oil?

1) Lower in saturated Fat than Olive Oil

2) Neutral Flavor

3) Very high Smoke Point. 470 Degrees

4) The Top Nut for Antioxidents!

Pecan Butter

Pecan Butter
Toasted Pecan Butter
7 oz Creamy $10.99

Pecan Honey Butter
4 oz Gift Jars $5.99
16 oz Jars $12.99

ORDER NOW! 918.519.9001

Speciality Pecans

Cinnamon Sugar Pecans
$8.00 for 6oz.

Dark Chocolate Pecans
$8.00 for 8oz.

Roasted Pecans (Chex-Mix Flavored)
$8.00 for 6oz.

Chocolate Pecans
$8.00 for 8oz.

Milk Chocolate Amaretto Pecans
$8.00 for 6oz.

Milk Chocolate Dusted Praline Pecans
$8.00 for 6oz.

ORDER NOW! 918.519.9001

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