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Our Pecans are large improved papershells. We have Cracked Pecans, Shelled Pecans and Inshell Pecans.

CRACKED PECANS $26.00 for 4 pounds

ORDER NOW! 918.519.9001

Product Description
Our Cracked Pecans are not just cracked and bagged leaving small shell pieces and dust in the bag which you are paying for. After cracking, we inspect them on a finishing table, removing inferior nuts, small shell pieces and pecan dust before bagging.
You end up with more Cracked Pecans!
SHELLED PECAN HALVES $14.00 per pound (when available)

ORDER NOW! 918.519.9001

Also check out our Internet Special, click on Internet Special in left column.

ALL THE WORK IS DONE FOR YOU! These pecans have been cracked and shelled leaving only a small amount of shell.

Approx. 99% of the hulls are removed. When you buy 6lb of our Cracked and Shelled Pecans you are actually getting about the same amount of Nut Meat you would get if you bought 12lb of Inshelled Pecans. Do the math. You get more of what you want and virtually no shell. Our shelled pecans are mostly whole halves with some parts. Most of our customers want them to chop up and put into various dishes or desserts.


Native pecan vs. Mayer Pecan Orchard, Pecans.

Our Pecans are large improved papershells. We have four varieties:
Pawnee, Oconee, Maramec and Mohawk.
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